12 Offshore Casinos Blocked In Kazakhstan

A court house in Uralsk Region, Kazakhstan announced to the media that they have ruled twelve online casinos shall remain closed and blocked to citizens after they broke a series of rules that goes against the countries gambling protocols.

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The twelve websites that have been blocked is yet to be known. As of right now there isn’t any opportunity for any of these websites to become unblocked in Kazakhstan however there is the potential that they could in the future if legislation was to be changed.

It has also been rumored that law enforcement in Kazakhstan also plan to be block more websites related to online gambling. Law enforcement officials continue to investigate these websites and their operations to monitor if they are operating in an illegal manner.

The Uralsk Region Law Enforcement has a spokesman commented on the issue saying, “All around the world online gambling markets are becoming regulated in order to ensure the safety of our citizens. Kazakhstan will follow alongside the likes of Europe. The twelve websites are the beginning of many more websites to be blocked. We have been putting the majority of our online law enforcement division on investigations that relate to illegal online gambling activity and from our results we will be banning more websites in the near future.”

Once we find out more information pertaining towards these twelve websites and the future websites to be blocked, we will update our viewers. Kazakhstan is now well on its way to regulating online gambling in their country, soon laws will be made for the industry.

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