$1,463,937 Millionaire Genie Jackpot

Millionaire Genie logo

The win occurred last week while a player enjoyed the classic video slot called Millionaire Genie at the 888 Casino. The slot was developed by randomlogic a mobile and social gaming company based in Birmingham, Alabama.

Millionaire Genie offers player’s classic play on 3 reels featuring an intriguing colourful world with symbols of a blue coloured millionaire genie, golden genie lamp, and red diamond shaped precious stones, dollar marked bags of gold and golden bars. The goal is to get the diamonds and bags of gold to occur as often as possible on the reels. The game offers a massive progressive jackpot, which triggers when the maximum bet option is used to bet. Betting one coin per line offers a chance to win 75,000 coins, while 2 coins can trigger a win of 150,000 coins.

The game offers a single payline and once a temple symbol appears on the right hand reel the bonus round activates, consisting of a scratch card game. Players is offered the opportunity to scratch 3 circles and win the combined value of the totals revealed. When 3 identical amounts is revealed it initiates another bonus round. There is no limit set to the amount of bonus round a player can activate. The game offers the millionaire genie as a wild symbol and once 3 of the genies activates on the reels the jackpot triggers. The classic offers payout tables above the reels and offers 3 colourful columns with detailed payouts per coin bet. The game presents uncomplicated play with just 3 functional keys offering bet one, spin reels and play max.

Randomlogic has experienced extensive growth on all mobile apps stores and due to the quick growth have added many new developers to their team.

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