Circus Circus founder said to have lost Millions playing Poker

In a recent articles in the Journal de Montreal, Guy Laliberte, the founder of Circus Circus stated that he experienced losses of more than $25 million over the course of a year while playing professional high stakes poker with poker pro’s.

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Laliberte claimed that he often played the elite of the elite in the world of poker online, mostly at Full Tilt Poker. He went on to state that he felt a number of those he played were scamming him however he did not provide details on this but did say a heavy price was paid as a result. Playing poker against professional players is never recommended for someone unless that are at equal levels of skill. Many people want to play pro players and often get wiped out as a result.

While the love of the game continues for Laliberte, he now only plays in large tournaments and avoid cash game play. He believes he has grown to become respected at the tables and does finish in respectable positions in most events he enters.

Another area that Laliberte hold close to his heart is his charity work raising funds to help poor countries develop clean, fresh water. Mr Laliberte organizes special poker events to raise funds for this cause, with one of those events being called the “Big One for One Drop”.

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