600 Gambling Sites Blocked by Russian Authorities

Russia has blocked more than 600 gambling websites, big names that were affected by this massive blocking included PokerStars and Unibet.

Map of Russia

Russia has blocked multiple websites before this, they have continued to refine the small amount of online gambling websites that are still available in the country. The national prosecutor made a decision back in 2013 after an increase in money laundering occurred in Russia’s online gambling market.

PokerStars commented on the blockade to the media saying, “We will continue to offer our online poker services to Russians gamblers. We don’t know as to why we were banned from Russia as we have never been a part of any online illegal activity. Russians punters can still play with us through our other poker rooms that have yet to been effected by this blockade.”

Continuing to speak to the press, a PokerStars Spokesman said: “The terms and conditions behind our services states that any jurisdictions where online gambling is illegal will not offer the PokerStars services. Rosokomnadzor took it upon themselves to add PokerStars to the Common Registry of Banned Websites without contacting us. This doesn’t go against our terms and conditions which means people will still be able to play at PokerStars.”

Rosokomnadzor has yet to reveal a full list of the websites that have been banned. Once that list is released to the public we will update you on each one of the websites that have been effected by this blockade. Unibet has yet to make any comments pertaining towards this blockade.

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