£74.6 Million Wagered At Cheltenham Festival

Earlier this week the “Cheltenham Festival Horse Race” took place in the United Kingdom. The Cheltenham Festival Horse Race is one of the more popular horse races that take place every year and brings in millions of Euro’s in sportsbetting wagers. BetFred, one of the larger online sports betting operators in the UK, sponsored the event, thus allowing for the majority of what was wagered to come through their punters.

Cheltenham Festival Horse Race

A total of £74.6 million was wagered this week at the Cheltenham Festival Horse Race. The majority of those who wagered on this race choose to do so at BetFred due to a series of exclusive promotions that the sportsbook was offering. The exclusive promotions offered by BetFred saw an increase of 30% in wagers compared to how much was wagered in sports wagers last year at the festival. The largest wager was £98,000, there is no word if this punter was able to win on his £98,000 bet.

This year BetFred has become the main betting sponsor for all of the horse races that take place at Cheltenham. A new race was even created through their sponsorship which has been called “The 2014 BetFred Gold Cup”.

BetFred commented on this announcement stating, “We were able to bring in a 30% increase in wagers for the Cheltenham Festival Horse Race. We were able to do so by offering promotions to our punters, these promotions in return would allow for them to earn more money if they happened to win on their bet.

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