Anti-Online Gambling Bills Being Introduced By Two US Politicians

Two US Politicians have announced that their creating anti-online gambling bills that would allow for all forms of online gambling to be illegal in the United States of America. These two new bills are being created and introduced by Lindsey Graham, the representative for South Carolina Senator and Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz.

Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz

Miss. Graham’s actions are more than likely being impacted by Sheldon Adelson. In the past the Republican Senator has gained cash contributions from Sheldon Adelson, which results in the Senator being in Mr. Adelson’s debt.

Sheldon Adelson’ Coalition Against Online Gambling openly spoke about these potential bills, saying: “We support anyone who continues to make an effort to restore the long-lasting interpretation of the Wire Act. This act was created to prohibit any form of online gambling which also includes mobile gambling. It should be common sense that offering a virtual casino to every American who has a phone is a bad idea, it can result in a major increase in gambling addictions.”

Mary Bono, A Former US Representative and member of the Pro-Gambling Coalition for Online and Consumer Protection spoke out against this bill, saying: “Banning online and mobile gambling nationwide is one of the worse decisions the government could make. Yes the potential of gambling addictions can increase but the amount of tax revenue that will be brought into the country will outweigh those issues. It’s important to remember the large amount of money we owe out to the rest of the world and outlawing online gambling will result in a considerably longer time period before we pay those debts off.”


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