Big Money Win

Miami club

Insane luck was on the side of a new player when he registered and made his deposit at the Miami Club casino. The lucky player went on to win $125.000 while enjoying Black Magic and Jester’s Wild.

This big winner called Charlie M, started off by playing on the Black Magic slot and it did not take long before he was $20.000 richer after triggering the slot’s bonus games. This just motivated the player and instead of logging off he went on to play Jester’s Wild and he won $12.000. Charlie must have felt the winner’s blood running through his veins as he decided to up his stakes to $150 per spin and it paid off as he scored yet another win of $48,000!
When Charlie M checked his final balance he was astounded to learn that he won $125.000 in cash and he held over 1,000,000 in complimentary points.

Black Magic offers players 5 reels and 25 paylines with enchanted features such as mysterious wild symbols, blue moon scatter symbols and a bonus feature. With a magical theme this game offers dazzling symbols with animated motion to keep the excitement high. Enjoy symbols that includes a white owl, snake all curled up, a spiders web with black widow, skull with the night stars behind, dark navy hat of a witch, white beautifully shaped urn and a broken tomb stone.

Jester’s Wild is a 5 reels, 30 payline game with 3 scatter symbols, free spins, multipliers, wild symbol and spin the wheel features. This game offers stunning graphics such as a golden roulette wheel, hand ready to throw the lucky dices, king with a sword, jack holding a green leave, the queen dressed in pink, multi-coloured scatter wheel, wild card held up by the jester symbol and a fabulous win on a classical 3 reel logo.

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