Big Win Won on Bouncy Balls

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Yesterday, Playtech’s video slot Bouncy Balls had its jackpot triggered when a very lucky slots fan was awarded a $785,435 progressive jackpot win, awarded whenever the player successfully landed eight or more of the Fireball bonus balls. The live updated value of its thrilling progressive jackpot is displayed to the right of the reels.
Experienced virtual slots players will instantly recognise similarities in the reels and gaming mechanics between Playtech/Virtue’s cheerful Bouncy Balls video slot and slots such as Chain Reactors, which offers reel-sets that present a similar grid style layout. Bouncy Balls delivers its ton of bouncing cheerful fun on a 5 x 5 grid-style reel set that actually has very little in common with conventional slot reel layouts.

Bouncy Balls

The unconventional reel set is located between the trunks of two trees with bird peeking from a bird’s nest in the one trunk set against the backdrop of verdant green hills and a lemon yellow sun under a clear blue sky. The reel symbols contain just six icons, which is made up from comical characters such as Hardball, Fireball, Oddball, Furball, Goofball, and Iceball.

Successful winning combinations require players to land five and more identically matched symbols on adjacent reels either horizontally, or vertically. The Furball symbol is the least lucrative with 16 symbols delivering only a 4X multiplier on original wager, whereas 16 Hardball ramps the anti-all the way up to 5000x original wager and Fireball triggers the huge supplier backed on-line pooled progressive jackpot. During gameplay symbols forming part of a winning combination will explode to be replaced by additional symbols dropping in from the top of the reels.

As with a number of grid style video slots the winning value of its progressive jackpot is determined via a sliding scale that clearly stipulates the percentage of the progressive jackpot a player will receive a each coin value. Any spins made it a £0.10 wager will receive 1% its ever-increasing jackpot, a £0.20 wager receives 2% of the jackpot, £0.50 wagers will see 5% of jackpot awarded to them. While players wagering £1.00 will receive 10% of jackpot, a £2.00 stake receive a reward valued at 20% of the jackpot, £3.00 stakes trigger 30% of the jackpot, £4.00 bets receive 40% of its progressive jackpot. £5.00 bets receive an award of 50% of the jackpot, and the top spot will see the winner walk away with 100% of its progressive jackpot for just a £10 wager.

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