Chain Reactors Super Trails Jackpot pays £213,892

Chain Reactors Super Trails logo

Yesterday was one of the luckiest days for the player who enjoyed a wonderful win once the jackpot was triggered and the Chain Reactors Super Trail game rewarded him with £213,892. Details regarding the player has not been announced but confirmation has been given that the win indeed took place.

Chain Reactors Super Trails is a game that finds its popularity through the video game genre it reminds off and the biggest fans are the players of games like Bejewelled, Jewel Mania or the latest craze Candy Crash Saga, the benefit is that with this game players can win great as this players has just proven again. This game was developed by Open Bet and the game offers players the opportunity to win again and again equivalent to free spins. Players can also choose between two trails, which are the Bomb trail or the Fire Trail.

Chain Reactors Super Trails pokie

Every time a selection of bomb symbols appear the game will allow a level up opportunity for the player on both the trials, the only difference is in the Fire trails fire symbols will have the same effect. Once 10 rounds passes including bomb clusters the bomb feature will be activated, this feature causes bombs to fall onto the reels and then gets caught by other symbols. Some of the symbols will pass the bomb on to other symbols and the explosion means prizes to the player.

A market leader in technical excellence since 1996, OpenBet prides itself of being a provider and betting platform chosen by numerous operators and betting organizations. Great testimonials follows this company around. Steve Ives, Marketing Director of Betfair Games had this to say regarding OpenBet, he acknowledged that they have been working close since 2008 and launched the Betfair Arcade in September. He said that OpenBet remain instrumental to the Betfair Arcades ‘success and that they have produced tailored games with the leading edge. He also confirmed that they will continue to work closely in developing of new and innovative games.

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