Cool Games Purchased By Gala Coral

Gala Coral, a well known online betting firm announced today that they have purchased the rights to online software developer “Cool Games”. We are unsure as to how much Gala Coral purchased Cool Games for, more details will be revealed as time goes on.

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Cool Games is a long time software developer in the online gambling industry. During their time as software developers they have been able to developer over three hundred different casino games. Cool Games has also been known as an innovative developer who is willing to take that next step in order to provide an exciting new gameplay experience.

As a part of this new content supply deal, Gala Coral will acquire all of the three hundred games that have been developed by Cool Games. These two gambling operators have worked alongside one another for the better part of five years. During those five years as being partners, Cool Cat provided the Gala Coral owned online casinos with their gambling services.

An representative from Gala Coral commented on this content supply deal saying, “We have worked with Cool Games for five years now, they have continued to impress us with what they can do as a software developer. Their games offer stunning visuals, impressive game features and an innovative gameplay experience. Those are the very reasons as to why we choose to purchase Cool Games, all of the employees who have been with Cool Games since the beginning will continue to have their job and create games that we all find to be exciting.

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