Delaware’s Online Gambling Market Continues To Struggle

The state of Delaware was one of the first to offer legal online gambling on a state level and earlier on this week the Lottery Division in Delaware announced that the gambling industry is struggling as of right now.

According to the Delaware State Lottery, online gambling was only able to bring in $145,278 in total for January. This is a considerably low amount of money when you compare Delaware to Nevada and New Jersey. This was still a positive growth in profits for the state compared to December as Delaware was able to bring in an extra 3.7% in profit in the month of January.

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Online video poker was the form of gambling that was able to bring in the majority of money for tax revenues in the Diamond state. The game accounted for 60% of all revenues, bringing in a total of $88,390 for the month of January.

When you compare the numbers of Delaware to New Jersey you can’t help but to see how much the Delaware gambling industry is truly struggling. New Jersey was able to bring in a total of $9.5 Million in online gambling tax revenues for the month of January.
The major issue for the state is the amount of people they hold in their population.

Delaware only holds a population of nearly a million people, there are more than 5 million people in New York city alone. There are rumors that the state will make a compact with Nevada in order to defeat this issue they are facing.

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