Dollar Ball Jackpot

Dollar ball

A player who enjoyed playing the game Dollar Ball had a wonderful surprise when the jackpot awarded a fantastic win of $103,017!

This marks the 51st won on the Dollar Ball Jackpot, the jackpot pays out to lucky winners on average every 4 weeks and 6 days and on average this jackpot pays out $64,583 quite a bit less than the current win. The biggest win ever recorded was $113,296 and this was won in April of this year. The smallest win is ever recorded had a pay-out of $11,724. The Dollar Ball progressive jackpot is available on several slots as a side game linked to a progressive jackpot.

This is a Playtech created slot and offers players 5 reels with 25 paylines and a variety of features to enjoy in the duration of the game, which includes wild symbols, scatter symbol and bonus features. The slot has a gentleness feel to it with the soft pink flowery background and a hint of romance with the smiles of the Samurai and the Geisha girl. The symbols takes you on a stroll through the geisha gardens with Japanese goldfish, a colourful Japanese gate, pink sakura flowers, bonsai tree in red stoneware pot, a sunset coloured fan, wooden geta shoes, geisha tea pot and matching cups and the beautiful pink detailed umbrella. The jackpot offers players 10.000 coins.

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