Gold Super Jackpot Has Been Won At Party Casino

On Sunday, March 30th one lucky player was able to win the Gold Super Jackpot at Party Casino. The punter, who had a wonderful ending to the month of March won the total amount of $103,226 while playing Tornadough.

Tornadough pokie

There hasn’t been a large amount of details revealed for this jackpot win yet, this isn’t a surprise as the jackpot was one won earlier on yesterday. We can confirm that this is one of the larger jackpot wins to be triggered for the Gold Super Jackpot which normally pays out the amount of $69,731.

Tornadough is a video slot that doesn’t offer any reels or paylines. This unique slot was developed for the Gold Super Jackpot series. Through this slot you can activate various features such as wilds, free spins, video slots, scatters, expanding wilds and bonus rounds. The slot is designed around the cult classic video game “Farmville”, by matching symbols that are constantly moving down the fields you win money and activate game features. Essentially the game works like a Farmville Bejewelled but for a slot machine.

Party Casino did release a statement pertaining towards this jackpot win saying, “It is an honor to be able to provide our customers with a life changing amount of money. It brings us a great deal of joy to know that we are able to deliver the games that can make drastically changed the lives of the very people who have made us a success.

We will continue to update you on any new information pertaining towards this jackpot win.

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