Hard Rock Café in Vegas gives Affleck the boot

This week saw a report from The Hard Rock Café that actor Ben Affleck was kicked off the blackjack tables after being accused of card counting. Affleck was in sin city to spend some time with wife, Jennifer Garner, prior to his commencing shooting of the latest Batman movie.

Ben Affleck

The actor was on a hot streak and winning large from the casino. It appears the management at the Hard Rock, were not in favor of this and made accusations that card counting was in play. This is not illegal whatsoever but it is frowned upon. Affleck was asked to leave and advised he could return another day. Generally in cases like this a casino will implement a lifetime ban and place those accused of counting cards on a blacklist however, Affleck was not treated as most would be.

Apparently it was reported that security stated to him that he was too skilled. This all occurred at the high roller tables. They hotel ordered a car to pick up both the actor and his wife or if the actor preferred he could try another table game of his choosing.

This is not the first time Affleck has performed well on the blackjack tables. It was once reported that he won in excess of $825,000 at the Hard Rock and in doing so tipped staff to the tune of $150,000!

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