How to place bets on Pokies

Slot games or pokies rather are a little mysterious to some players. The games give players so many options and features that some don’t know where to start and end up betting way too low for any features or way too high and finish their casino money in no time. As one can imagine this happens quite often and its annoying to say the least. Well here we will look at a few betting options and features that most lots provide along with the game they offer.

What are coin values

Almost all slot machines work with coins, some games may refer to this as credits, but ultimately they are the same thing. Most of the games also automatically calculate the amount of coins remaining by calculating the amount of funds divided by the amount set as the coin value. The coin value is the first thing you will need to change when entering a game. This is the actual dollar value used in the game. Depending on the game and the amount of lines offered players may need to choose a lower coin value to get the same bet amount as a game with fewer lines.

Some games give fixed wager amounts. This means players are not able to change the wager amount in the game to whatever amounts they desire. This doesn’t occur with new games as much as it used to. Before the progressive jackpot games used to provide fixed wager amount to ensure the jackpot is won fairly. These days the developer will just request that the game is played with a certain number of lines per spin.

Why you should change the amount you wager

This is one of the most important steps in this article. Most games open as ready to play and will provide a standard wager. To some player this amount may be too high, which means your wallet will be empty before you know it and you may only realize it when it’s too late. The games work on an average betting amount available with all lines activated. Another reason players will need to change this amount is to ensure the rewards are in line with the level of wins you hope to achieve. At times a casino will set the wager higher or lower than the amount you wish to place so it is important to be aware of this and set your wagers prior to spinning the reels.

Additional bets with coin sizes

Now that we understand what an coin size is and that it’s important to change we can look at some different betting options available to players. Most games will offer the option to use fewer lines, but I don’t recommend this. You will gain a lot more by rather going to find a game with fewer lines and use a lower wager amount. Most games will give players the option to increase the amount of coins per line, this acts as a multiplier for the game, which will react on the wager and winnings. Set your coin value and then change the bet level in the game. Be sure to confirm you are pleased with the bet per spin before spinning the reels.

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