International Gaming Coming In New Jersey

Ray Lesniak, A Senator in New Jersey has been pushing the Atlantic City regulators to approve the regulation and licensing of legal foreign online gambling, thus by allowing for offshore companies to operate in the state. Ray Lesniaks efforts have been put to use as the Senate Government, History Preservation and Tourism Committee approved the bill. Thus by making International Gaming legal in New Jersey.

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The bill will allow for foreign gambling firms to be licensed in New Jersey, they will have to pay a 15 percent tax as do all of the other online casinos do in New Jersey and they’ll also have to pay a percentage of their revenues. There was also a section that would require offshore foreign gambling firms to contribute to a $20 Million yearly fundraiser that would be used towards making the New Jersey Horse Racing industry more appealing to gamblers. This section was eliminated from the requirements”.

Jim Whelan, another Senator from the state of New Jersey supports this bill and spoke out about it saying, “This new bill gives Atlantic City and New Jersey the chance to build upon their online gambling industry. We shall be able to expand our efforts as there will be more online casinos being run by operators. We also have plans to create a bill that would allow for offshore punters to play at online casinos located in New Jersey, thus by allowing for New Jersey to become a gambling hub in the United States. I support every bit of that.”

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