Ivey being sued by Borgata over alleged cheating

Phil Ivey is known for his high rolling ways and his skills at the poker table but not many know him for his skills playing other card games. Once such game is Baccarat and it seems to have gotten Ivey into trouble with Borgata Casino in Atlantic City.

Ivey and a friend were playing Baccarat at Borgata Casino and won over $9 million. Borgata are claiming that Ivey was wagering $25,000 to $100,000 per hand and had was able to build their stack to an incredible sum. During play the casino did not limit Ivey with his play or wagers and Ivey states that the funds were won fair.

Phil Ivey

Borgata for their part are claiming that Ivey and his partner found a flaw in the deck of cards being used that allowed that to create favorable hands. The casino claims that based on laws in the state of New Jersey that the winnings are invalid as using defective cards is illegal in the state. Borgata is claiming the cards were manufacturing in Kansas and that each card was designed with a small circle at the top of each card however that some cards had a defect and only displayed a half circle. This was only found on some cards, not all cards and therefore allowed Ivey an advantage against the casino.

Representatives for both parties have refused comment but it reasonable to suggest that it is ultimately the casinos responsibility to verify that cards in play are not defective. Should cards be let into play that are then it should be the casino who suffers any losses as a result.

This is a continuing story and how this is determined will be seen once it goes to court.

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