Jackpot Pokies

Jackpot pokies are games available at both land based as well as online casinos that offer some of the most impressive winnings available at casinos. There are different types of jackpots available with these games, which includes the normal jackpot that’s a set amount and rewarded when you get the right combination and then you get the progressive jackpots, which are the jackpots that all players wish to win.

What are Progressive Jackpot Pokies

Progressive Jackpots are amounts that are accumulated as the game is played. The game will give players massive amounts to start with, which are then accumulated by the player till the amount has been won. The casino or developer in the case of an online casino will provide the starting amount for these games. Each players will then contribute a small fraction of their wager, which is then added to the jackpot amount. Players will not lose this fraction of the bet or pay an additional amount to play the game.

Winning big with Jackpot Pokies

Looking at online casinos and the developers of the games they feature you will find that some really massive winnings have been rewarded. Some players were lucky enough to win millions with these games where others have managed to win a couple of thousand. Either way a winning is always worth mentioning. Players will be able to use smaller bets with the big jackpot pokies, which was not possible a few years ago.

Since the amounts on these Jackpot Pokies are accumulated by players, the game will allow number greater winnings online as the game is shared on a much greater network of casino for players around the world. These jackpots are also set to payout more often due to the amount being increased at such a rate.

Massive Jackpot Pokies

Having a look online you will find that there are 100’s of different jackpot pokies for players to enjoy. Some of the game may have different features, less reels or different requirements. The game will all offer different jackpot amounts, unless they belong to the same network of games. Many developers do this to ensure the game reaches more players.

Some of the biggest Jackpot Pokies available are from my 3 favourite developers, these include Net Entertainment, Microgaming and of course Playtech. Players will find that they offer jackpots of well over a million dollar and will give players the option to place smaller bets, but still be able to win the massive amounts offered.

These 3 developers have also broken a number of records among each other for the high rewards they have provided. Playtech holds a personal record of over $8 million, which was paid out by one of their most popular games called Beach life. Microgaming has a record of an incredible $6.3 million, which was rewarded by Mega Moolah, the game known as the millionaire maker. Net Entertainment has the highest record, which sits at over $17 million. The payout was rewarded to one lucky player while playing Mega Fortune.

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