Kentucky State Court Stops Gambling Domain Seizure Case

The Kentucky State Court of Appeals announced that they have had to stop a case which involved the seizure of over 130 international gambling domain websites. The case has been put of halt for various reasons, one of them being that the Interactive Gaming Council has been given permission to become involved in the case which has caused for the attorneys to re-evaluate their case.

Kentucky State Court of Appeals logo

The ruling came from a three person panel of judges. The Kentucky attorneys facing off against the judges treated this case as a case that surrounded victims, the victims being the owners of the 132 domain websites. Once it was ruled that each person who owned one of the domain websites would have to be trailed the attorneys had to return to the drawing board. The attorneys are trying to appeal that the Interactive Gaming Council has to right to be involved and we are wagering that this will backfire on them.

During the court’s ruling one of the three judges named Allison wrote a statement down for the media saying, “The attorneys cannot turn the tables on the courts and try to trail these individuals as a group. People could be sentenced to jail when they are not guilty. This is why we have had to put the case on hold and start new trails for each individual owner of the domain websites. Those accused have the opportunity to either get a new lawyer or keep the same one who has been involved with this case since day one.”

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