Ladbrokes Has A Disappointing Year In 2013

Ladbrokes Plc, the United Kingdom based gambling giant released their financial results for the year of 2013. In the financial results you can note that there was a pre-tax drop in profits of 66% and there was a 26% drop in profits for their retail stores.
This isn’t the most concerning aspect of their year though, the digital division for Ladbrokes has their profit drop down by 74%. This is a massive decrease in profit for the company.

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The CEO for Ladbrokes Richard Glyn commented on the performance on his company saying, “The results of our financial profits for 2013 weren’t what we were expecting as a company. We focused on becoming more innovative which lead to us having a lot of operational progress which will help us out in 2013. Since we were working hard on new gambling products for this year we couldn’t release a ton of new products this year. I believe this is a major cause as to why we haven’t been able to turn a large profit this year.”

“I have made it clear to all of my employees that our growth is delivery is the most important aspects of our jobs this year. Our immediate focus is to complete the remaining new platforms and products we have been created. One of the most notable new products we are about to unveil in 2014 in a innovative poker platform that has never been seen online before and we hope our fans enjoy it.”

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