Land Based Casino Software In Germany Flawed

Slot machine manufacturer, Gauselmann, has recently been in a media scandal due to their software in their slot machines. It was found out earlier on this month that the slot machine manufacturer had flaws in their software which cost casinos in Germany worth Ten Million Euros in lost money. It will be impossible to figure out who stole the money, the thieves were able to steal the money due to the flawed software but none the less in order to stop any future issues the manufacturer has had to revise their software.

Gauselmann logo

The local press has reported that many land based casinos in Germany have reportedly lost thousands of dollars in a single evening by a group of thieves. The thieves knew the flaws in the software and exploited them in with results being upwards of millions in lost damages.

The key flaw in the system didn’t even result in the thieves having to play the game. All the thieves had to do was enter the number 1926 and then pull the lever. This in return would trigger winning combinations instantly. Casinos from all around Germany reports that they lost one hundred thousand Euros that night.

Mario Hofmeister, the Spokesman behind Gauselmann commented on this scandal saying, “I doubt that we will be held responsible as we had no clue about this flaw in the software. We are going through the records of our development team in order to ensure that none of them could of been a part of this flaw in the system. We truly hope that these criminals are found and pay for their crimes.”

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