Land Gambling Being Addressed Before Online Gambling In Illinois

This week a Senator from IllinoisIllinois State Assembly logo spoke to a television station in his home state, during the interview he said that politicians in the land of Lincoln will be addressing land based gambling expansions before they look into the future of online gambling.

Senator John Cullerton was quoted in a statement while speaking to the television, in the statement he said the following: “Land gambling is a better opportunity for the state of Illinois as it brings more tourists to the state, in return that brings more attraction to the malls and centers located around the casinos and horse tracks. This in return allows for the state to bring in a large amount of tax revenues that helps up bring beauty to our cities, better our school systems and bring more excitement to Illinois.”

Land based gambling in Illinois has always been an issue in the past and present. Horse racing and land casinos group owners squabble against one another over future casinos in the state. It has caused issues amongst politicians and had hard earned tax dollars spent in the process. Regardless online gambling has been put on the back burner even though it has been teased for some time.

As always we will continue to find more information pertaining towards the future of online gambling in Illinois. Even though it has been put on the back burner for right now it doesn’t mean that the industry doesn’t have a future in the Lincoln State.

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