Magic Slots Jackpot Won For $191,392

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Earlier this week one very fortunate player managed to trigger the jackpot on the Magic Slots 5$ game, to a very happy $191,392 take. He week certainly had an excellent Tuesday that will be remembered for years to come. No details of the win has been released by the hosting casino or the game developers, Playtech, but the win definitely occurred. His win is remarkable, because it was the third largest in this slot’s history, with the highest set at $261,469.
Playtech certainly found an successful technique to ensure their simplistic, classical slot’s magical triumph and there is no magic involved, its magnetic attraction for many players specifically lies in this classic simplicity, the ability to yield wins, no storyline, interactive frills, just wins. The $1’283’313 paid out in the last sixty days in jackpot winnings alone proves its popularity, it must be much played to be get funded so quickly, enabling it to recover in such short periods of time.

All hats off to Playtech, they give gamers what they ask for and provide why they stated playing in the first place, the thrill of competing for big win money, and with 8 players achieving six figure wins in a 60 day period, it certainly meets that one very important player criterion.
Playtech is well known for its innovative gaming creations, but this instance they’ve proven that innovation is not the only requirement that make on-line slots popular, in this specific industry greenback, bucks, Moolah, money, the mighty dollar talks louder than any other form of motivation, well done Playtech! Most of this slot’s charm probably lies in its extreme simplicity, being a classic 3reel single pay-line game with a colourful magic stage show theme.
The reel cylinder is presented with just a single classical pay-line, and the reels strongly reminds of one-arm bandit slot machines, and it carries the theme onto its classic reel symbols that are also styled with an authentic retro look and feel, including the sound board. Altogether thoroughly amusing in its reminiscence of golden slot days gone by, just don’t take the modern slots away!

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