Malaysian Police Make 37 Arrests In Online Gambling Raids

During 2013 and 2014, authorities in Malaysia have been working around the clock to abolish any form of illegal online gambling in their country. Authorities from Sibu, Malaysia announced that they conducted several raids on illegal online gambling shops this weekend. During the raids the Sibu authorities were able to arrest 37 Individuals and seize a total of 36 computers.

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Out of those who were arrested this weekend in the raid, thirty of them were woman. Two of them woman worked at the shops that were raided. Those who operate an illegal online gambling ring will hide behind a legitimate business. This helps them run their illegal gambling ring for a longer period of time as it is harder for the authorities to get a warrant. Those managers who worked in these shops were released after they gave police statements on what was going on behind closed doors.

In 2014 abolishing online gambling from Malaysia has been called “Operation Dadu” and since the operation began in the beginning for this year, 30% of all illegal online gambling rings have been shut down through raids.

A Representative from the Sibu police department commented on these raids saying, “Abolishing illegal online gambling from our country has been difficult but we are making progress. On top of removing 30% of all illegal gambling rings in our country, we have also been able to make certain illegal gambling rings leave the country by fear. We hope to have all illegal online gambling abolished by the end of 2014.”

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