Microgaming Software Review


Microgaming Software has grown to become one of the most highly established online casino game software programs available on the net. Microgaming unveiled its very first opening software in the year 1994 with only a small amount of online casinos. Eventually over time the MicroGaming software has become available on over 250 different online casinos that licensee out their software. The company’s main corporate offices are based out of the Isle of Man, they also have a wide range of other offices across the world that go out of their way to provide the best gaming possible. There are a number of different gaming software’s available with Microgaming like their poker software, mobile software, bingo software and casino software.

Microgaming has a massive range of online casino games to offer to the players, they actually have more games than any other software developer. The number of games they do have now exceeds 650 high quality games, every single one of these games will be released with exciting animations that take your gaming experience to a whole different level. Microgamings latest software is called the Viper Software and it took the industry by storm with its high level of graphics, sound quality, game performance and in game features. It still to this day after the couple of years that it has been released is considered to be the best software you can play. You will be able to play the software in two different ways like the instant play version which will allow you to play on the website itself. You than can play the software through the downloadable version of the software which will give you access to all the games.

There is a good variety of features available to the players of these MicroGaming online casino games, every feature is player friendly and will only further increase your gaming experience. You will be able to review upon your game play, you will be able to play multiple different games at once, you will be able to review your bank history, you will get the chance to receive free bonuses and finally you will be able to access an amazing support staff. The software and the games are very easy to navigate through, the online casinos that also offer the MicroGaming software will have easy navigation throughout their online casinos. You will be able to see the large list of games that they offer on their website or other online casino websites.

Microgaming is one of the founding partners for eCOGRA. You might be wondering what eCOGRA is and it’s a seal of certification program that is designed for only one purpose and that is to provide online casinos will a set of rules. If an online casino can proudly display the eCOGRA Seal of Certification then they are considered to be a highly reputable online casino. However, before any online casino can bear the eCOGRA Seal of Certification they must go through a rigorous process of reviews. These reviews will be of the casino, its software and games, support options and the casinos banking options. Once the casino has passed all the reviews they will get the seal of certification but then have to uphold to the rules and regulations of eCOGRA afterwards. This means they will have to continue to improve on every option they have to offer with the casino. This means that any online casino that you play at with an eCOGRA Seal of Certification is offering the players a much higher level of online gaming experiences.

Microgaming will always continue to revolutionize the online gaming industry with their constant flow of new technology and games that they release. The software is always improving and you can be guaranteed that because of this your online gaming experience will greatly increase.

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