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WMS Gaming has officially released their latest slot called “Nemo’s Voyage”. This is the first slot offered on the Phantom EFX engine.

Nemo’s Voyage is based on a classic science fiction novel called 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea. The novel, written by Jules Verne was published in 1870 for the first time and told about the adventures aboard the submarine that was called Nuatilus and Captain Nemo.

Nemo’s Voyage pokie

WMS used this nostalgic tale and perfected it in Nemo’s Voyage that takes players on a winning adventure offered on 5 reels with 40 paylines. The slot was developed with the Phantom EFX engine that now allows WMS Gaming to launch games on mobile, desktop and tablets simultaneously.

Nemo’s Voyage is offered with symbols of hammer head sharks, blue coloured whales, harpoon, nautical instruments, angel fish, aquatic diver and nautical instruments. The game includes a depth meter that consist of four levels, placed on the right hand side of the reels. The depth meter levels is marked by the nautilus that drops down the levels with every spin. Each of the levels is linked to an oceanic wild feature. Level one offers multiplier wilds, level 2 brings pressurising wilds that go large on the reels as expanding wilds, level 3 activates clumped wilds that becomes sticky across the reels and level 4 triggers wild reels that can turn the reel 1,2 and 3 completely wild.

A statement release from WMS Gaming’s William Interactive, read that deep in the eternal night of the sea, the untold treasures of the lost civilizations awaits for those who is brave enough to take a chance at adventure. The written release invites players to embark on the journey and to dive deeper than ever before with the Nemo’s Voyage.

WMS is a scientific games company that has proven themselves with popular games releases such as Willy Wonka, The Flintstones, Battleship and Blade S23.

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