Nevada And Delaware Forming Poker Compact

The Governors of Nevada and DelawareState of Delaware logo announced on Tuesday that they have signed a new compact with one another that will allow for online poker players in the poker games that are offered in both states.

This deal marks the first time that two states have formed a compact with one another to offer a more extensive gambling market since online gambling was banned in the USA more than a decade ago. The Delaware Governor Jack Markell and the Nevada Governor Brain Sandoval hope that by signing this new deal they are able to increase the amount of players who player online poker. This news isn’t a surprise as Delaware has been facing a series of issues with their online gambling market and this is a potential solution to that issue.

Mr. Sandoval commented on the compact made between the two saying, “This is a historic deal that marks the first time that two states have combined forced to offer a larger gambling market. Both of our states will be able to reap in the benefits of this new deal and we hope that more states follow alongside the example we have set here today.”
Mr. Sandoval continued by saying, “New Jersey is the only other state to offer legal online gambling and we hope they reach out to us to combine forces with our new compact.
As more states such as California consider online gambling as a profitable industry will be able to fight the federal ban and hopefully provide a cross country online gambling market once again.”

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