New Jersey’s Self Exclusion Bill Passed Through Assembly

A recent New Jersey developed state bill that was sent to the State Assembly. This new bill went through the state assembly and was passed through with a 77-0 vote.

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This new bill would give players the opportunity to exclude themselves from online gambling without having to admit that they have a gambling problem, the current bill doesn’t allow punters to do so. If you want to exclude yourself from all forms of gambling you must tell the state that you have a gambling addiction, this new bill sets to destroy that law. Punters will be able to exclude themselves for one year, five years or a life time. As of right now there is a private list with 1,575 names, that list will continue to expand once this new bill is put into effect.

Troy Singleton, A New Jersey Assemblyman commented on the bill saying: “This new bill is just another option for players who want to exclude themselves from gambling related websites and gambling related facilities. Most people are uncomfortable with admitting to their problem, this new bill will give players the option to exclude themselves from online gambling without admitting any problems they might have.”

He continued saying, “Gambling can become an addiction and a disease, this new bill will help our citizens overcome those problems. We suspect that our private list will double within a month after this bill is approved.”

You can sign up for the private list by contacting the State Assembly.

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