New Natural Powers Pokie


Natural Powers a new 5 reel 40 fixed pay-line video pokie from IGT, released with a multichannel, cross-platform launch reaching all audiences simultaneously. Based on a previous IGT release it closely follows the well-known Transformers: Battle for Cybertron theme a very successful and highly enjoyable slot.

Not all players are fans of shape-shifting robots disguised as all different kinds of transportation, but the repetitive success and popularity of the blockbuster movie certainly proved there are enough supporters of the genre to support an extremely lucrative franchise and all the sequels. This exciting new slot features a modernised version of the 1950’s and 60’s comic cartoon styling with a classic comic book aura from the 1950s, but the main characters now being four superheroines drawn with a more adult 21st century style. They each have the four natural earth elements as their supernatural gift i.e. earth, wind, fire, and ice (water).

Natural powers

There are two basic types of special features, one being randomly triggered, and the free spins bonuses. In a well-adapted storyline, which is based around the four women controlling natural powers, each heroine offers her own array of thrilling special features which includes unique free spin choices and cascading reels.

Firstly, the cool blonde-haired woman controlling her power over wind to blow any ice or fire symbols off all the reels. Secondly, the fiery redhead in turn burns any ice, wind, or earth symbols from all reels. Third, the dark skinned woman controlling earth roots out reel symbols at random. Fourth, the ice queen freezes her own random pattern of reel symbols, each heroine in turn encouraging more symbols to cascade down the reels.

For the final ensemble, the superheroines team up, to all four of four simultaneously trigger free random spins, align three bonus symbols and receive free spin choices.

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