Odobo to close Operations


Odobo, a provider, and developer of international gaming content has chosen to cease operations effective June, 216. The announcement came amid attempts by the developer to find an interested party in buying out their operations. The reason for the closure was due to costs.

Odobo is a relatively young company, having been founded in 2011, with a goal to provide in how gaming is provided, marketed and supplier in markets that are regulated. I was the founder’s goal to reduce the costs of development relating to barrios that arise in the process of distributing and developing gaming content.

The official reason given was that the company faced far higher costs than anticipated and this was its main reason for closing. As the market of regulation is constantly changing, Odobo and many other smaller development companies generally need investors to survive until a time when success allows for them to operate independently.

Odobo worked with several international gaming companies, both operators, and suppliers. Recently they entered into an agreement with Iforium, a provider of casino software, to provide the company with B@B services. In addition, Odobo saw its games live at Mr Green, a large and successful online casino and was to see its HTML5 games also go live later this year. Mr Green was one of ten casinos offering the Odobo games.

It is a shame to see this company having to shut its door considering its Chief Operating Office was entered into the top 100 list of innovation leaders for the gaming industry. Whether another software supplier buys the rights to Odobo’s intellectual property is yet to be known, but would be advantageous for those casinos offering the games. It is suspected that other smaller development companies may also see the same fate as Odobo in the year to come as changes occur in the market with respect to regulations.

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