Paysafecard e-Payment Option Launches in Georgia


Paysafecard, one of the global market leaders in prepaid e-commerce payment methods, recently launched its product into Georgia as a continuation of its development into new markets. The Vienna-based company, since extending its network into Georgia, will have access to one of the most stable and strongest national economic powers in the South Caucasus.

Its launch into Georgia will add the 43rd country to the list of nations covered by the Paysafecard global network, where after in excess of 2500 Express Bank terminals serving the Bank of Georgia offer Internet payment options to provide online casino patrons with a fast, safe, and simple solution to fund online casino player accounts. Numerous further distribution partners and sales outlets will shortly after follow the company’s launch into Georgia.

Since the Rose Revolution in 2003, Georgia established itself as one of the fastest growing economies in the FSU (former Soviet Union), which allows the Paysafecard expansion to continue against a background of highly transparent economic factors. Georgia reported an actual growth figure of 2% in 2015, with a projected growth of 2.5% for 2016, with the Asian Development Bank having met with Georgian government officials in late February, bank officials announced that the ADB was ready to further extend their partnership in the support of development in Georgia.

From its first initiative, the Paysafecard product offering will enjoy a sizeable effective local presence throughout the nation due to The Bank of Georgia’s more than 2500 Express Bank terminals effectively delivering its services. Due to the local socio-economic conditions a notable section of the local populace currently do not require bank accounts, the availability of secure online payments via paysafecard’s facilities are of notable importance especially so since its online payment services does not require the use of credit cards or bank accounts.
Subsequent to their association with The Bank of Georgia National will have access to Paysafecard payments in their local currency. The Georgian currency known as the Lari, and a currency code of GEL, with Paysafecard payments made available in denominations of 10, 20, 30, 50, up to a 70 Lari.

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