Player Triggers £240,717 Tiki Temple Jackpot

Tiki Temple, a video slot developed by Gamesys has been in the news a fair bit this week. Earlier on this week a punter was able to trigger the Tiki Temple progressive jackpot worth £455,796. Only hours after this punter triggered the progressive, another player triggered a jackpot through the Tiki Temple 10p option. This lucky player was able to win £240,717.

Tiki Temple Pokie

This jackpot win occurred at JackpotJoy on the night of March 20th, 2014. JackpotJoy has yet to reveal the name of this punter, we suspect that the player will remain anonymous so that he may not be harassed by the media. We also know that this jackpot win is larger than the normal amount won on the Tiki Temple 10p jackpot. Normally that progressive will pay out roughly £153,000.

The player, who has chosen to be anonymous commented on his win saying: “Wow, I cannot comprehend what is going on right now. Everyone always wishes that they could win the lottery or land on a progressive jackpot. You come to realize that it will never happen to you, you convince yourself that you won’t ever become one of those lucky players. When I saw the flashing lights I jumped out of my chair, screaming at the top of my lungs to my wife. She is just as surprised as I am, we will put all of the money towards are mortgage so that we no longer have to worry about that bill payment.”

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