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What’s your spice quotient? Do you think that you can handle the heat? This action-packed, intricate game will take you out for a sumptuous meal for some of the finest…and hottest…Indian cuisine and you’ll be slurping down the cold ones to cool down your melting palate.

The game is styled like a classic pokie with 3 reels and one payline and throws some fiery features at you that will keep you busy and vying for bigger prizes. Start with a betting $.10 and roll all the way up to $10 if so desire to cash in on a top payout of $5,000 coins.

Graphics & Theme

Set on a tone on tone lilac background that resembles a sari silk, the reels are centred with and additional table counting yellow, green and red hot peppers that come up attached to the other symbols on the reels such as limes, watermelons, red peppers, poppadum, beer, a shiny jeweled ring, and single and double bar icons. The sounds are sharp and sudden and through the bonus feature, the music is straight out of a Bollywood movie.

Cashncurry pokie

Special Effects

With your elegant host set in a flaming emblem, a digital readout above the reels gives you directions on your next move such as “Have a spin, sir” or “hold ‘em” or “nudge” at which point you can select to nudge or hold the symbols on one or more of the three reels to increase your chances of hitting a big payout. While the reels spin, the tally on the 3 in a row side peppers collection adds up until you are awarded a chance to play at one of the bonus games.

Once that is triggered, the host announces “I think you are on fire, sir!” and takes you off into the second screen where you’ll find a board game and you can spin you way around the board for additional features. The game features a full pint of draft which fills or drains based on where you land on the board and once it’s empty, your game is over. Until that happens, you may land on feature and spin to win.

Cashncurry feature

The features are:

The Bahji Bonus: you are returned to the reels for a free spin with a guaranteed win.

The Chicken Ticker which takes you to the reels as they spin in slow motion for a bit so that you can stop them on a winning combination

The Spice-o-meter: you try to hit a prize as it moves

The Multi Balti: you are offered three different multipliers and then they’re shuffled out of view and you can select one of them with the nudge button.

The Vindaloot: the reels will set into an automatic spin rewarding you with multiple payouts

The Curry Go Round: you will be taken to the centre wheel in the feature game board where you might win up to 500x your bet.

The Belt Buster: you again are taken back to the reels to choose from a variety of winning spins.

The Bombay Mix: choose from 3 different multipliers to increase your win.

The game board has other squares, some beneficial and some pitfalls, that you may land on as well such as the Big Gulp that will almost drain your glass and shorten your game and the Top Up which will replenish your drink and let you keep playing as well as a few others.


This is a fun and addictive game because it’s always changing and the variety that is presented in the bonus feature will keep you interested and playing. The prizes are about mid-range but consistent enough. Coupled with the funny host narrating the events throughout and vivid graphics, Cash ‘n Curry will be worth your while.

Quick Facts
Theme Indian Cuisine
Reels 3
Special Features Bonus games
Paylines 1 line
Bet per line $0.01 – $10.00
Max bet $10
Maximum win $5,000
Progressive jackpot No
Theoretical payout 95.64%
Software Provider Microgaming

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