Chiefs Fortune

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This classic reel pokies from the traditional scheme of a scaled down game by offering bonus features to enhance play and increase the occasions for greater cash awards. With the Native American theme and vivid design, you’ll enjoy this tongue in cheek game and win big to boot.

This 3 reel, 1 payline game has a bet offering of a fixed coin size of $1.00 and you can choose to play up to three coins to win at different levels up to the top prize of 2,000 coins for three of the chief landing on the single payline. Head off to a bonus game to snag more credits and have a bit of a giggle in the process.

Graphics & Theme

Under a indigo twilight sky, the backdrop features a native community consisting of teepees and smoking fires with the big Chiefs Fortune logo adorned with a feathered head dress taking centre stage. A bulls eye target is perched awaiting the population of the magic arrows. The reels are framed in crisp white and symbols featured include the single, double and triple bars, the lucky 7, the Chiefs Fortune logo, the magic arrow and the chief himself in full feathered head dress. The sound is the whir of the reels spinning with various bloops and bleeps marking wins, arrows and wilds.

Cheifs Fortune pokie

Special Effects

For a classic pokieonus feature is generally fairly rare and in this case, you get both a wild and a bonus game. The chief serves as the wild symbol completing winning paylines on the reel for awards except for the magic arrow. When the magic arrow lands on the payline, it will be placed on the target until five are collected and then you’ll be transported to the bonus game where you will find the stripped down chief waiting for your help to be dressed. Spin the reel to occupy the four spaces that will dress him and win bonus credits based on what lands.

It’s an amusing game with some wacky selections in attire available on the board with a credit assignment for each one. Some of pieces of clothing and accessories include a pink turban, wildly coloured boxers, bunny slippers and a tuxedo along with more traditional Native American apparel. Each row of clothing is assigned a credit value and you’ll be awarded the top prize for the selections that provide the poor chief with the most dignified outfit.

Cheifs Fortune paytable


While many may not enjoy the confinement of a fixed coin size, there are still some available options to alter the size of your wager so this game should be appealing for any level of player. It’s nice to see a traditional slot game offer some bonus feature and the entertainment of the bonus game in Chiefs Fortune definitely enhances the play. It’s worth a play for anyone and you’ll look forward to striking the bonus for big wins and fun.

Quick Facts
Theme Native American
Reels 3
Special Features None
Paylines 1 Line
Bet per line $0.25 $10
Max bet $30
Maximum win $6,000
Progressive jackpot No
Theoretical payout 97.62%
Software Provider Microgaming

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