Chinese Kitchen


Chinese Kitchen is a slot that is a bit different from what you might be used to, a 3 reel game that has 8 paylines, and they go horizontally, vertically and in diagonal. For all its unusual features, this game doesn’t have any features and even though it’s not that classic in the way it is built, it does seem to be classified as that sort of game, the kind you would’ve played in the past. The theme stays true to the name of the slot, as you will quickly notice when you take a look at both the background image and the symbols. Payouts will go as high as $15,000.


Graphics & Theme

The Chinese kitchen theme is well done in this case, the quality of the graphics going beyond what you can reasonably expect when you’re talking about a classic title. The characters that are in the kitchen are found in the image from the background, and they look like they were taken directly out of an animation movie. They’re both in a kitchen and they’re looking at some pots and pans, ready to start working. The reels are on the left side of the screen. The unusual part about these reels is the configuration of the paylines. It’s actually described as a 9 reel game, but it has a 3×3 layout, so we’ll just call it a classic. The symbols appearing in these games look great, the quality of the design being just as good as that from the background image. The drawing style seems different though, which is a bit inconsistent, but not horribly so. The symbols represent various types of ingredients, so you will find among them images of duck, octopus, starfish, caterpillar, fish, crab, frog, turtle and snail. Not the tastiest bunch of ingredients I’ve ever seen, but at least some of them are from the Chinese kitchen (not sure about the caterpillar).

Special Effects


The game keeps its classic influence, so you will not find any kind of feature in this game. There is at least one thing that is different about it though, the configuration that we discussed above, using the equivalent of 9 reels since they’re counting paylines both from the left to the right and from the top to the bottom. They’ve managed to cram a total of 8 paylines in the game that way.


Chinese Kitchen has plenty of advantages that you should consider, starting with its unusual layout, then going to the pretty graphics and the availability of horizontal and vertical paylines. It’s the kind of game you need to try out simply because it’s different, and it has the potential of being lots of fun.

Theme Food
Reels 3
Special Features none
Paylines 8 lines
Bet per line $0.01 – $15.00
Max bet $120
Maximum win $15,000
Progressive jackpot No
Theoretical payout N/A
Software Provider Playtech

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