Crazy 7


Crazy 7 seems to be trying to stay true to its name, with a design that did drive me crazy, and with a 3 reel configuration that has 1 payline. This Playtech classic slot is a bit different from the rest of the games you might’ve tried, not just because it looks unusual and doesn’t really try to appeal to anyone, but also because it has only three symbols that can appear. There aren’t any features either, but the game does give you the chance to win up to $40,000.


Graphics & Theme

In Crazy 7, the target seems to be keeping things as random as possible. The 7 is at the center of the theme, so you will find it everywhere. There is the Crazy 7 logo in the top left corner, there is the paytable that has only 7 symbols in the top right corner and there is the background image that is full of 7’s placed on a purple background. None of it looks good, mostly because the 7’s are weirdly shaped, or as they would describe it, crazy looking. It gets to the point where you can barely tell that it’s a 7 on that symbol. The fact that only three symbols exist should mean in theory that you will find it easy to get paid on a regular basis, but it’s not necessarily so, since it’s possible that at least one of the three positions will be an empty space instead of a symbol. It happens quite often, so the game will even offer you a payout simply for having no spaces on the payline. The three symbols that are used are the blue 7, the green 7 and the red 7 (highest paying symbol).

Special Effects

Playtech chose not to include any symbols with special roles here, a normal decision since this is a slot machine with classic influences.

The one thing you can do to improve on your chances a bit, would be to always use the maximum number of 3 coins, even if you decide to reduce the coin value. If you happen to get the top jackpot prize, you will find that you get an additional 100 coins for it, on top of the usual payout per coin offered for that symbol.


If you’re desperate for something different and unusual, but not necessarily pretty to look at, Crazy 7 might be just the thing for you. I doubt that a lot of people will enjoy it otherwise though.

Theme Classic
Reels 3
Special Features none
Paylines 1 lines
Bet per line $0.01 – $300.00
Max bet $300
Maximum win $40,000
Progressive jackpot No
Theoretical payout N/A
Software Provider Playtech

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