Diamond Valley


Diamond Valley, despite its name, is not a game that’s going to be feature rich. With its 5 reels and 5 lines, it might not be that impressive at first, but soon enough you will find out all about its progressive jackpot, and that will probably change your mind. It seems to be quite the dangerous place, this Diamond Valley, as you will guess after watching the evil looking condor from the top left corner, that’s holding a bone in its beak. It’s a desert area, with stone cliffs all around, with dangers at every step and with the promise of some great prizes as well. The scatter symbol is its only major feature.


Graphics & Theme

The theme of the game is simply the promise of a great treasure, probably the same thing that attracted others to Diamond Valley. The condors that appear here suggest that it’s no peace of cake walking out of the valley with its hidden treasures, but you should try anyway. You will notice the progressive jackpot amount shown at the top of the reels, a good reason to play the game. The design style is quite fun to look at, cartoon style but done in a manner that reminds me of the Flintstones cartoon series, so pleasant overall. There are gems being used as symbols, along with dollar signs with arrows in them, crows, a snake protecting a ring, a flaming Bar symbol and, weirdly enough, the denture of someone that has a shiny gold tooth.

Special Effects


The game has as its main feature a scatter symbol, a red gem that awards payouts and nothing else. The most you will get out of it is a 200x multiple for the total bet, when five scatter symbols are in any position during the same spin.

The other feature offered here is the bonus symbol. It’s not a scatter feature, so a minimum of three of these bonus symbols need to appear on the same line and starting from the 1st reel. If that happens, a bonus round gets activated.

Winning the slot’s progressive jackpot is the main aim here, as it starts with payouts from about $5,000, but its payouts average at about $74,000. The highest jackpot offered by it was worth $450,000. The player needs the blue gems to appear on the 5th payline in order for this jackpot to be won.


Diamond Valley is going to be a pleasant experience, even though it’s a retro design. It’s done very well, so you’re not going to feel like the designers didn’t do their job in this case.

Theme Gems
Reels 5
Special Features Scatters
Paylines 5 lines
Bet per line $1.00 – $1.00
Max bet $5
Maximum win $5,000
Progressive jackpot Yes
Theoretical payout N/A
Software Provider Playtech

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