Dragon Gold


NeoGames developed this pokie with a large dragons that puts up fight to protect his gold and the player’s goal is to take as many wins as they wish for the dragon’s treasure. The fun struggle is offered on 3 reels with a rich rewarding payline and the game offers a wide variety of winning selection. Meet the animals who shares the dragon’s world and once the dragon duplicates himself enough times on the reels the jackpot bonus rewards with 10,000 coins, the second highest win offers a payout of 2,000 coins well worth fighting the red dragon for.

Most people think classic pokies are not rewarding and will not be able to payout massive amounts of cash. Well this pokie will prove them wrong. The game will keep the wager small, which can be set from $0.10 to a maximum of $30.00 for the players who play higher amounts. The maximum bet will consists of 3 coins on the single line, which will already move players into a new winning column on the pay-table able the reels. All winnings will now be tripled and the jackpot will by 10 x higher than it is with just 1 coin per spin. Players are not required to wager $30.00 per spin when 3 coons are played as a wager from just $0.30 can be used. The difference in winning combinations with 1 coins to 3 coins is massive. Hit the jackpot with 1 coins to win 1,000 coins or wager 3 coins and win 10,000 coins. These values are still to be multiplied by the coin size selected, which means players will be able to win up to $100,000 with the jackpot should $10.00 be played per coin.


Graphics & Theme

The pokie offers a green and mustard mixed sun that brightens the background sky with the dragon protecting the gold and keeping his eyes on the fast spinning reels. The screen offers the brightly illustrated payout table on the right side of the reels with an offer to win up to $10,000 below. The bright table offers 3 columns with wins per coins played. The symbols includes bright coloured dragons flying with green fire from their mouths, bird with open wings in gold and green colour mixes, orange dragons, orange flags playing in the wind, red lizards and colourful orange flowers with turquoise leaves. Easy play is offered on a selection of keys below the reels.

Special Effects

This pokie is a classic, which means bonus games will not be heard of.


This pokie proof again while classic games stay high on the popular online gaming list. Wealthy rewards, uncomplicated play, great graphics and smooth play keeps classic games leading the winning way.

Game Facts
Pokie Theme Classic
Reels 3
Pokie Features None
Paylines 1 line
Bet Range $0.10 – $30.00
Maximum Payout 10,000 coins
Progressive jackpot No
Average payout 96.96%
Software Neo Games

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