Genie’s Hi Lo

Genie1 Genie’s Hi Lo is a Playtech arcade title, a game that gives you the option to try and guess the outcome of a card being picked. The Genie is a young lady in skimpy clothing that’s holding eight cards in one of her hands. The game is quite simple, as you are allowed to keep making choices and each time you guess correctly you win the prize mentioned. Payouts can get on the big side rather quickly, as long as you don’t cash out and you keep winning. Genie2

Graphics & Theme

The game’s design looks retro, the kind of game you might’ve played about a decade ago. Despite the lack of visual appeal, the game is exciting and you will notice that you’re actually holding your breath a bit as you go from one round to the next. The Genie and her cards take up a big part of the screen, while the betting options are at the bottom and the history of the payouts and the prize ladder are on the left.

Special Effects

You start by placing your wager, which has an upper limit at $2. You hit the Confirm button, then the game asks you to pick a card. Once you do that, you get to guess what the next card you pick might bring. It can either be a higher or lower card than the one you picked, or it can be black or red. The odds for those options change depending on what’s in front of you. For example, if you get a card with a 2 on it, you get very little if you bet on the next card being even lower than that. On the other hand, betting that it’s higher is quite risky and will reward handsomely if you’re right. Using the Black or Red options are somewhat safer, being a 50/50 chance. If you guess correctly, you win the amount determined by the odds that were in place. You then get to either Cashout or keep playing. If you keep playing, you will find that each additional round will keep doubling the odds, while your wagers remain the same. However, if you don’t guess one time correctly, you lose all that money. If you get all 12 wins correctly, the exact amount you can win will vary depending on the odds that you encountered, but at the very least you could win about $8,000+ (using $2 wagers and only choosing Black or Red in order to double the payout each time).


This Hi Lo game is an interesting proposition from Playtech, which could’ve been a great game if their design was better thought out.

Theme Fireworks
Reels 5
Special Features Wild, multipliers
Paylines 20 lines
Bet per line $0.01 – $1.00
Max bet $100
Maximum win $20,000
Progressive jackpot No
Theoretical payout 96.38%
Software Provider Playtech

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