Golden Tour


A game that a golf fan will appreciate, Golden Tour’s 5 reel are host to only 5 paylines, so it’s one of those games that work on the principle that less is more. You’re actually in the middle of the action on the golf course, as you will notice the green field and the bushes where you seem to be hiding, while a golfer looks as the ball is flying away in your approximate direction. The game offers a couple of features as well, a wild and a scatter, but the progressive jackpot is the one that you will most want to get.


Graphics & Theme

The golf theme is evident here, especially once you take a look at what the symbols look like and what they represent. The rest of the design gives you plenty of clues as well though, one example being the golf ball with the golf cross that are placed right below the logo and near the progressive jackpot display. The background image, taken from the golf course and showing a player that just hit a ball, is another clue towards the theme of the slot. The design is somewhat better from the rest of the games with this theme that I’ve seen so far, but it’s not extraordinary and I can’t say that I’ve seen a good looking golf themed slot. Symbols that are used here include the golf shoes, a glass of beer, a red flag, a golf bag, a golf cart and three golf balls, colored in orange, white and eggshell yellow (2 balls on one symbol).

Special Effects


The wild symbol has two golf balls in the symbol, instead of one like the others, so it’s easy to recognize. You will often need only one of these symbols to get a whole new combination going, as long as it’s in the right location. In the case of this game though, the wild is very limited in what it can do. Though it can appear on all paylines, it can only replace one of the other two golf ball symbols. That leaves five other symbols that can’t use the wild’s influence in any way.

The three pictures of creatures that you might find on a golf course are scatter symbols. A duck, a cat fish and a gopher represent these three scatters. If you manage to get three identical scatter symbols (three ducks, not one or two of each), you will obtain access to the bonus game.


Golden Tour looks like a decent attempt at a golf themed game, certainly better than many of its competitors. The presence of the progressive jackpot is a plus, but the I’ve found the features to be somewhat lacking.

Theme Golf
Reels 5
Special Features Wild, scatters
Paylines 5 lines
Bet per line $1.00
Max bet $5
Maximum win $2,000
Progressive jackpot Yes
Theoretical payout N/A
Software Provider Playtech

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