Jewel Quest

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Jewel Quest is proof that arcade and pokie combined in perfect harmony can cause unlimited excitement and fun. This is a Cryptologic pokie with 5 play boards, each level has to be cleared before you move onto the next different shaped board. Playing Jewel Quest resembles the arcade game, just with more fun ways and in this version you win real cash. Playing with purpose!

This unique game offers unique betting arrangements, betting starts from $1.00 and up with $500.00 being the maximum credits per play. As you start out, level one is on a rectangular block and is easy to complete, as the game progresses matching the jewels gets a little harder because of the different play boards and shapes.

Graphics & Theme

The play boards are on leather and stay open because it is tied to a wooden frame. This unique game also has unique symbols offering a total of 4 jewels in yellow, green, blue, red followed by 4 faces a golden coin and a white snake face. Each board unfold on a new background featuring the Mayan island type icons.

Jewel Quest pokie

Special Effects

Jewel Quest is one of the most unique slot games out there. The game doesn’t work with paylines or reels; instead you will need to match up 3 or more of the same symbols at a time. Each time a combinations has been completed you will see them disappear and male way for new symbols, which will fall into place from above to create more winning combinations, the winning combinations can be played ventricle or horizontal.

With each combination completed you will see the block they appeared on turn yellow, this will indicate the section of the puzzle has been completed, your objective is to get all the blocks to turn yellow by getting winning combinations to appear on them. Once the puzzle is complete you will receive a massive bonus and move on to the next level. Each level will be more difficult to complete, which makes the game very addictive and a lot of fun.

Jewel Quest  paytable


This game is unique and a must play, the fun never stops and all the actions is fast, keeping it interesting and action filled. Attention to details in this game is astonishing with great backgrounds and amazing well designed icons. One of the most enjoyable games in online currently.

Quick Facts
Theme Hidden jewels
Reels 5
Special Features None
Paylines None
Bet per line $1.00 – $550.00
Max bet $500
Maximum win $1,000,000
Progressive jackpot No
Theoretical payout 96.69%
Software Provider Cryptologic

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