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When the Lions away the Cheetah comes to play, and this Cheetah is playing King today. This pokie takes you on an Africa safari with a warm climate and nature to take you breath away. The Cheetah is the speediest cat and his strategy is to run down his pray such as the antelope. Every inch of the cheetah is developed to make him a successful hunter. The can run up to 58 miles per hour and on that fast note we would like to introduce you to this IGT developed pokie, offering 5 reels of 20 paylines with wild features including free spins and multipliers.

King Cheetah pokie

Graphics & Theme

A cheetah can purr but not roar. Players will enjoy the wild sounds in the background when they play on King Cheetah. These beautiful animals where kept by the Ancient Egyptians as pets. Now you get a chance to run wild with the African Cheetahs on this pokie taking you on a wild safari. The pokie symbols includes cheetahs from different angles, a cheetah getting ready to close in on his pray, a giraffe who can see all the other animals, the big grey elephant and the symbols are completed by the poker symbols.

Special Effects

The wilds are shown by 2 different cheetah symbols, both of these can appear on all the reels of the game. The wild cheetahs will be able to both complete the combination and multiply the combinations they appear in, the wilds can do this by taking the value of other symbols and use it as its own, the multiplier will take the payout and give you double the reward. This is also your highest paying symbol that will reward you 5,000 coins when a combination of 5 blue or green cheetah are shown at the same time.

The wilds can also reward you with a massive selection of free spins when at least 2 of them appear. With just the 2 wilds appearing on a pay-line you will receive an awesome 5 free spins, with 3 wilds your will not only receive 10 free spins, but also double your stake amount, a 20x multiplier with 20 free spins will be rewarded when at least 4 of the wilds are shown on the wilds and finally, when you manage to get 5 of the wilds on a single line you will receive 50 time the bet amount with 50 free spins. Additional free spins can also be rewarded when as little as 2 of the green or blue cheetah wilds appear, when 3 or more are shown you can win up to 100 times your stake amount. A maximum of 900 free spins will be rewarded at a time.


Cheetahs are believed to hunt more by sight than by their other senses. This pokie gives you the most awesome graphics and you can enjoy cheetahs close up passing on your screen. These truly beautiful animals are great to play with and the free spins keep you in the game enjoying the visuals for longer.

Quick Facts
Theme African Safari
Reels 5
Special Features Wild, free spins, multipliers
Paylines 20 lines
Bet per line $0.01 – $1.00
Max bet $100
Maximum win $5,000
Progressive jackpot No
Theoretical payout 96.78%
Software Provider IGT

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