Megaball Pro


The Megaball Pro arcade game was created by the guys from Playtech and it offers lottery style action to its players. Not only that, but it also comes with a progressive jackpot onboard, which the player will probably want to go after. The game actually has eight types of lottery games to offer, and one of them is the progressive jackpot.


Graphics & Theme

The game takes place inside some sort of factory, or maybe it’s just an old fashioned lottery machine. You will notice all sorts of gears and pressure gauges at the top, plus the band on which the lottery numbers will come out, issued through a hole in the wall. The betting options take the screen’s lower half, with tabs used for each of the eight games available. The games in question are called Jackpot, Colors, Cocktail, Sixth, Steps, Numbers, First & Last and Total. There is a lot of brown being used in the design of this arcade, starting with the brick walls of the building and then going to the brown of the betting area. It’s a decent looking game, despite the heavy focus on a single color.

Special Effects

Despite the fact that there are eight different games to place bets on, this is a lottery and as a result there will be balls with numbers on them coming out from the machine, each one of a different color. The different games and types of bets will simply look at different things to consider if you’ve won or lost.

The game that will interest a lot of people is the Jackpot, which simply requires the player to bet on it and then to get all the five balls to match. If the player guesses all five balls that come out, he gets the jackpot.

There are different other ways of playing the lottery here, many of them interesting. For example, you could go the classic way and choose the Numbers game, where you pick up to four balls. The odds increase with each additional ball you pick, varying between 7.60 and 12300 to 1, for 1 to 4 balls (in the 1 to 48 interval).

Another example of a betting game here is called Cocktails, where you have to get at least one red ball, one yellow ball and one blue ball, to get a cocktail going.


You will find the game to be quite interesting, plus it will offer you multiple lottery games into one and potential prizes that go very high.

Theme Mega Ball
Reels N/A
Special Features N/A
Paylines N/A
Bet per line N/A
Max bet $100
Maximum win $120,000
Progressive jackpot No
Theoretical payout N/A
Software Provider Playtech

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