Ocean Princess


Ocean Princess is a slot that aims to be unusual and intriguing, and it succeeds pretty well on both fronts. This game has a total of 15 reels that only have 5 paylines on them. Each set of 3 reels has one payline, which would make it a classic game normally, but the feature used inside is pretty modern and it’s a clear advantage in its favor as far as I’m concerned. The game’s Hold feature would be its biggest attention getter, with the wild being a close second.


Graphics & Theme

As you will notice yourself, the theme deals with underwater life and objects like ship’s anchors, so we don’t actually get to see the princess among the symbols. It’s not a great looking slot, so it would’ve been very easy to go for another title if it wasn’t for the way the game is built. The blue background image leaves room for a bit of transparency in a corner, allowing you to check out some kind of underwater city with high towers. The displays for the betting amount and the game logo are right on top of it. The reels take the middle, and as I’ve explained before there are 15 of them, used in sets of 3 and placed on top of each other. It might look like a really long 3 reel design, but the reels spin independently, give away symbols and half symbols that don’t match and you can notice that they’re separate. The symbols include the Wild crown of the underwater world and the following symbols colored in red, yellow and green: sea stars, crabs, sea horse and anchor. The last one on the paytable is a small tortoise.

Special Effects


The wild symbol is pretty much self-explanatory. As long as you get one or two of them on a line, it will either help you get a new combo going, or it will award small prizes of its own. Three wilds give away the top jackpot, 1000 coins, if the maximum bet was used.

The Hold feature is a real attraction in this slot, which you can use through the three buttons marked as such, underneath the reels. The initial spin of the reels will only trigger the three bottom reels. You get the choice to Hold one to three symbols that appear there, which would populate the reels on top of them with the same icons. You then Spin again and see how much you’ve won.


Ocean Princess is a special game, one that I enjoyed trying out and I recommend it to you as well. It’s not about the graphics with it, it’s mostly about the 15 reels and the use of the Hold feature.

Theme Ocean
Reels 15
Special Features Wild
Paylines 5 lines
Bet per line $0.01 – $25.00
Max bet $125
Maximum win $25,000
Progressive jackpot No
Theoretical payout N/A
Software Provider Playtech

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