Penalty Shootout


Penalty Shootout has a soccer theme, as you’ve guessed probably, being designed by Playtech as an arcade game. Once inside, you get to try your luck with kicks at the ball, trying to place the ball inside the net. The goalkeeper will obviously try to stop you. Payouts of up to $1,200 can be won for each bet you make, depending on the direction of your shot.


Graphics & Theme

The theme of the game is football, more precisely the focus being on the goal net. You will find on the screen the football field, with the goalkeeper standing in front of the net and trying like crazy to block the ball you’re shooting at him. The quality of the graphics is extremely low, looking like it’s been taken from a very old game of Fifa, maybe one from the 90’s. Even though stuff like the goalkeeper almost not having a recognizable face might irritate at first, I’m sure you will soon become engrossed in the action. There are arrows starting from the penalty spot, going towards different parts of the net. Each one has odds attached, from 3x to 12x, depending on how difficult it is for the goalie to block it. The keeper’s history of blocked shots is shown on the right side of the screen. The betting option is at the bottom, next to the Kick button.

Special Effects

To start the game, all you have to do is click on one of the five arrows, select your wager size, then click on Kick. The shot will be executed and you either win or the goalie blocks the shot and you lose the round. The odds go from 3x (bottom left and right corner shots), to 5x (shot straight in the middle) and to 12x (top left and right corner shots). You’re not going to score that many goals against this goalkeeper, at least not as many as would be scored in a real football game in a situation like this. The goalkeeper seems to have the advantage here, but then again if you score just one in twelve shots and it’s at 12x odds, you would not be losing money.


Even though the design of the game is not that appealing, you will probably find Penalty Shootout to be a welcome distraction. Fans of football should at least give it a chance.

Theme Football
Reels N/A
Special Features none
Paylines N/A
Bet per line $0.01 – $100.00
Max bet $100
Maximum win $12,500
Progressive jackpot No
Theoretical payout N/A
Software Provider Playtech

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