Ready Set Go


The game Ready Set Go offers an interesting classic that is based on the Olympic Games offering a scratch style slot. NeoGames discovery new ways frequently to create the most interesting classic pokies and this is yet again a well-designed game with winning action spread across the reels. The pokie offers 3 reels with 6 paylines and features a large variety of winning selection with rich rewards. The ready set go jackpot offers an astounding rewards of 10,000 coins in the bonus rewards.

This pokie provides players with a very different game to play. Players will find 6 different sets of 3 reel pokie to offer players something very different. The game will allow players to on all 6 of these games at the same time or only a few can be played at a time. Wagering in this game will also be very easy as 1 bet covers all. The wager will be available from a minimum of $0.25 per reel set. This means players will get to wager only $1.50 per spin, which activates all reel sets and provides massive winning opportunities.


Graphics & Theme

The background offers the Olympic stadium with bright spotlight that focusses on the games and the prizes is offered on 6 scratch cards that is numbered 1 to 6 in the centre of the stadium. The winning action can be watched by thousands of fans from the large selection of chairs. The functional keys is grouped below the 6 games and the spin action is offered from a red cricket ball. The symbols that can be revealed in the scratching game includes a golden medal for the winner, silver for the 2nd place and bronze for the third place combined, golden trophy for the champion, tennis racket with a white ball, weightlift in iron, stopwatch to keep the games competitive, baseball, dartboard with darts going for the bull, soccer ball in white and black and a helmet with flames on.

Special Effects

All the reels will have the same symbols available in each spin to provide players with a massive selection of winning possibilities. Above each reels a new number will appear, which represents the amounts players can win in that spin. Should any combination be displayed the player will win the amount in coins.


This pokie rewards with a large selection of wealthy spins that adds rich wins to the player’s payline. The game offers interesting play with the new scratch card method of wins.

Game Facts
Pokie Theme Sport
Reels 3 x 6
Pokie Features None
Paylines 1 x 6 line
Bet Range $0.25 – $60.00
Maximum Payout 10,000 coins
Progressive jackpot No
Average payout 96.71%
Software Neo Games

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