Rock, Paper, Scissors


The game of Rock, Paper, Scissors is one of the simpler ones you could try to play with a friend, with a limited number of possible outcomes and which it can involve both luck and psychology or knowledge of the other player. In this case, we’re talking about an arcade title designed by Playtech, an interesting design that takes the game inside the fighting ring.


Graphics & Theme

A game of Rock Paper Scissors takes place in this arcade game, with the setting being the fighting ring. The combatants are two cut off hands, floating a bit above the ground. They each have a bracelet at the end of the hand, colored in black for the computer and in brown for the player. You will notice the three options you can click on to the left (Rock, Paper, Scissors), each one with the hand sign that shows you the choice. On the other hand of the screen, there are some extra betting options you can use if you want to make things interesting. The ring is in the middle, with the hands on it and waiting for the fight to begin. There is a crowd of hands in the background image, each one showing one of the three options. It’s just hands though, no visible faces of people.

Special Effects

In a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, the choices you make can have three outcomes, depending on the choice made by the adversary. Rock will beat scissors but paper will cover it. Paper will win against rock, but scissors will cut it. Scissors will win against paper, but rock beats scissors. Besides winning or losing, you can also get into a Draw, when both sides have the same sign.

To play the game, you need to select the wager amount you want to use (bottom left corner), then click on one of the three options. The game will start immediately and will end in just one or two seconds, once the animation of the fight is done.

For a bit of extra excitement, check out the Winning Streak bets on the right side. You can choose to place the wager on a winning streak of 2, 3 or 4 rounds. If you win them all, you get paid better than in a regular game while using the same wager amount. The risks are considerably higher though.


Though the game might be simple, it’s also terribly popular and chances are that you know it and played it before. Take a look at the arcade game as well, you will find it pleasant enough.

Theme Rock
Reels 3
Special Features none
Paylines 5 lines
Bet per line $0.01 – $100.00
Max bet $500
Maximum win $70,000
Progressive jackpot No
Theoretical payout N/A
Software Provider Playtech

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