Rock’N’Roller, despite its glamorous rock inspired theme, is a classic slot and as such it is rather limited in what it can offer a player. This 3 reel/5 payline game was designed by Playtech. In this case, you will find the rock design to involve mostly different types of disks and musical instruments, with a bit of a jukebox look to it overall, though I can’t be sure. You will notice that there aren’t any big features you can rest your hopes on in this game, but that you will find top payouts of up to 700 coins, a good amount considering the value of the coins that are used.


Graphics & Theme

The theme of Rock’N’Roller is rock related as you might imagine, something that tends to fascinate all teenagers and young adults at one point or another. Whether it’s the actual music, the lifestyle or the easiness with which a rocker can impress a woman, the rock star is impressive to a lot of us. You’re probably going to find the game quite pleasurable to play on, despite the fact that the design is not especially modern. There are certainly better looking games out there that have a similar theme, but there aren’t that many that will also have a classic layout with 3 reels. A jukebox like design is placed behind the reels and paytable, using neon colors, with bands of red, green and purple on the vertical, while blue bars are horizontal. The list of symbols you will find in the paytable starts with the platinum record, followed by a gold record, a guitar, a harmonica and the drums. It’s a bit of a darker design here, using mostly darker shades of whatever color is needed. Even the reels are not completely white, using shades of gray at the fringes. It works in this case though, the game does give you a bit of a rock vibe.

Special Effects

A classic slot typically comes without any features, though it can certainly do that in this modern age, especially since it’s all digital. It used to be mechanical at the beginning though, so there were only 3 reels and complications like a wild symbol were not possible back then. The game keeps that tradition live, offering no features inside at all.


As a fan of rock of just of the rocker’s lifestyle in general, you will enjoy this game. It lacks the appeal needed to keep you occupied for long, but you should give it at least a few spins.

Theme Rock
Reels 3
Special Features none
Paylines 5 lines
Bet per line $0.01 – $100.00
Max bet $500
Maximum win $70,000
Progressive jackpot No
Theoretical payout N/A
Software Provider Playtech

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