Rollercoaster Dice


Playtech has a decent number of arcade games to offer and Rollercoaster Dice is one of them. Its theme is the rollercoaster ride as far as the graphics are concerned, but the action is a guessing game where you try to figure out if you’re getting a lower or higher number on the next dice throw.

Graphics & Theme

The rollercoaster theme is immediately apparent, as is the fact that the action takes place in a theme park of some kind. You can guess a few other rides in the background image, plusyou get to see another rollercoaster in the distance. The Rollercoaster Dice title is used at the entrance into the park, with the action all taking place right beneath it. There is a rollercoaster visible on the left side, filled with people colored in green, yellow and blue, but with no details visible in any of them. The right side gives you the prize ladder, on which you try to advance during each round. The middle gives you the betting options and the area where the pair of dice will fall. Overall, you’re not going to be impressed by the design of the game, so you might want to stay away if that’s what you’re after.


Special Effects

The action in the game requires of the player to answer a question during each round. Will the next throw of dice give you a smaller or a higher number than the present one? It’s a random throw, so you have no way of knowing for sure, but you can improve your odds of getting the right guess. Since you can figure out whether there are more possibilities that are higher or lower than the current one, you can go with the option that is more likely. For example, if you get a 6 and a 3, chances are that the next throw will be a smaller number, since there are only three combinations that are higher than that, but quite a few more that are lower. The game doesn’t pay immediately if you make a correct guess though. Instead, you have to advance on the prize ladder, which will only give you the first prize once you reach five correct guesses. Once you’re there, you can collect or you can advance further. With a $2 wager, the first step of the ladder is at $8, the next one at $14, then $26 and the last one at $60.


The game is interesting enough, but the fact that you need a minimum of five correct guesses in a row in order to get paid has put us off a bit.

Theme Roller Coasters
Reels N/A
Special Features N/A
Paylines N/A
Bet per line $0.01 – $50.00
Max bet $02
Maximum win $600
Progressive jackpot No
Theoretical payout N/A
Software Provider Playtech

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