Royal Slots


The royal lounges of the casinos is reserved for VIP members only and offers the best decorations and softest chairs. NeoGames now invites all players to the royal slots lounge as they created this VIP game to give all players a chance to win wealthy rewards. The pokie consists of 3 separate pastel coloured pokies each with 3 reels. Each of the games offers a single payline and offers triple the fun and triple the wins. The royal slots jackpot offers a fantastic bonus of 10,000 coins.

The game will provide players with 3 different pokies that are played all at the same time with 1 wager amount. Players will be able to choose how many of these pokie to play with each spin as only 1 or 2 can also be selected. Once this has been decided that can will be ready for a wager amount. Players will be able to wager one 1 coins on each machine with the value ranging from $0.25 to $10.00 per machine. Playing all machines at the same time will start off at $0.75 to $30.00 per spin. The game will multiply the winning combinations with the coin value. Winnings are done very differently in the game as it will provide players with a possible win per pokie. This amount will be displayed above the reels. When any combination of 3 machining symbols appear the player will win the amount in coins displayed on the machine.


Graphics & Theme

Red velvet curtains with golden side panels is offered in the background with pearl white chairs to relax in and boxer enjoys relaxing on the plush red carpets that is laid wall to wall. Large green plants adds even more glamour to the royal slot suite. The reels is offered on a pastel coloured machine named number one with light orange and yellow colours, number 2 offers soft lilac with silver shades and number 3 impresses with light pink on silver. The operational keys is available below the three games and the symbols offers fruit symbols of watermelons halved, reddest cherries and bunches of dark coloured grapes the luck is offered with a single red seven and a group of 3 seven in red and gold, the single bar appears in white and black and the game offers a huge white diamond.

Special Effects

Here no bonus game can be played. This will allow players to focus on the amazing winnings available with ever spin.


Close the royal door behind you and focus on the best wins when all 3 games starts spinning at the same time. This exciting pokie from NeoGames is very generous with wealthy rewards on great combinations.

Game Facts
Pokie Theme Classics
Reels 3 x 3
Pokie Features None
Paylines 1 x 3 line
Bet Range $0.25 – $30.00
Maximum Payout 10,000 coins
Progressive jackpot No
Average payout 96.70%
Software Neo Games

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